About B2B Bureau

B2B Bureau is the Cloud Managed Services Company of B2B Solutions, a Spanish Information Technology services company which specializes entirely in corporate connectivity and integration systems.


We combine our experience with profound knowledge of the challenges and needs of our Clients, in order to offer flexible, fully-specialised services in accordance with the current requirements in e-Business.

We are Premier Business Partner of IBM, specializing in solving the B2B integration and file transfer needs of our clients.

All our consultants have current certifications, which means they are able to do their work in the most efficient manner, optimising the development and implementation times, guaranteeing the quality of the projects and reducing their costs.

We have developed efficient, flexible services, aimed at ensuring the satisfaction of our clients and the achievement of their business goals, generating objective value for the organisation. We have been able to position ourselves beyond the IT focus so that what our clients receive from us is customised business solutions based on cutting-edge technology. The Company is composed of a technological community of consultants and architects specialising in integration, and with experience on international projects.  

Vision and Mission

We aim to be a European reference in the integration of business applications.  

Our objective is to optimise and add value to our clients' business information systems. To that end, our mission consists of working and improving day by day, in collaboration with our clients, providing them with highly-specialised, productive solutions and services.


At B2B Bureau, we work to improve day by day, and we do so underpinned by our values:

Team spirit

We enjoy what we do. We like working, investigating  seeking the best solutions, fulfilling our objectives and celebrating our successes as a team. That is how we understand our work.


We are a technological community highly specialised in the development of business systems and the integration of business applications, and we dedicate part of our time to training and learning, in order to continue to be leaders and to optimise the development and implementation times.


We listen and we understand our clients' needs, in order to integrate with them and contribute our knowledge and experience in the achievement of shared goals.


We take on commitments, we cultivate trust and foment cooperation both inside and outside our Company. We respect people, the diversity of opinions and ideas. Our word is our bond.

Constant improvement 

We seek excellence in all our services, starting from our personal commitment to our work, in order to achieve our goals and meet or surpass our clients' expectations.

Proactivity approach 

Our experience enables us to take the initiative in order to effect improvements and always provide the most effective solutions, in accordance with the needs and business models of our clients.