Managed Services Overview 

Flexible Solutions and Expert Professionals

We can manage any B2B Integration or File Transfer through the Cloud with absolute security,expert professionals and leading market solutions.

The B2B Bureau Managed Cloud Services provide all the functionality of the IBM B2B Collaboration Solutions that our clients need to drive their businesses; reducing complexity, infrastructure, IT resources and costs.

As such, our clients can focus all their efforts on their businesses, downloading all the IT operations regarding their B2B Collaboration needs with B2B Bureau. Our Cloud services are completely flexible and have been designed to modify processes and file transformations on the influx of our clients, with exceptional agility and security.

Our 24/7 technical support centre is made up of consultants who are specialised and qualified in the IMB B2B collaboration solutions. The professional response and high level of satisfaction of our clients positions us as the best guarantee to successfully deal with any B2B Cloud project.


The B2B Bureau Cloud Managed Services aim to simplify our clients’ B2B operations as much as possible and reduce their costs.

Our consultants, who are highly specialised in B2B Integration and Managed File Transfer (MFT), will design the most appropriate services to successfully cover the B2B collaboration needs of our clients, quickly and securely responding to the demands of their business partners.

Our Cloud services provide the necessary information to obtain complete visibility and control of the B2B processes, and enable our clients to focus their efforts and resources on their business. This combination enables our clients to go beyond business efficiency: to be quicker and more prepared for decision making, to be more agile on the market and to be able to anticipate in light of any problems that may occur.

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Resolving current challenges in the Cloud

The global expansion of business integration needs is leading to new ecosystems and numerous associated organisations that are carrying out transactions, all of which makes B2B integration an increasingly complex problem.

Many companies lack the appropriate systems to address their integration needs, with scant visibility and control of operations in their organisation or interaction with their value chain, leading to errors that could be avoided.

Where there is a lack of technical resources and the requisite experience for addressing these problems, the challenges faced become even more complicated, distancing businesses further still from the expected results of integration.

Main challenges

B2B Bureau Cloud Managed Services

Numerous manual business processes tending towards mistakes.

Automation of B2B processes managed by expert professionals.

Integration with backend systems.

Limited IT Resources for implementing and managing B2B Collaboration needs.

Specialist IT resources, qualified and with experience in international projects, able to implement and manage the best B2B collaboration solution.

Increasingly complex communities of business partners.

B2B data exchange in a secure manner, irrespective of the data format and the communications protocol.
Onboarding processes are faster and simpler.

Lack of visibility in B2B processes.

Total visibility of B2B processes.
 Compilation of reports, control panels and alerts tailored to information needs.

B2B Cloud Managed Services


File Transfer Services


Reporting Services

Financial and Tax Adaptation Services